Do this one thing and you will have better pictures!

Burst mode in flight

It doesn’t matter whether you shoot with a smartphone or a fancy DSLR camera – there is one tip that will help you get better shots.

Are you ready?  Take more shots.

Everyone is smiling around the birthday cake?  take 4 or 5. or more.  Someone may blink, or move so much the picture is blurry, so you need a way to compensate!
you may not get a second chance for a “once in a lifetime” picture, so don’t be stingy with your pictures, take extra shots.  SD cards are cheap.  So is cloud storage.  You already have the basis for a good picture, even if it is a snapshot!

Many cameras (like my Nikon) have the ability to take pictures in “burst mode”,  where one click of the shutter takes multiple shots.  This is great for many situations where you want multiples and will get them without  effort or coaching your subjects.  I find this is great when shooting pictures of puppies, children, cars in motion, and other fast-moving objects!

No matter what, always think of your composition before clicking the shutter – multiples of a bad shot are just terrible, but multiples of a good shot are inspirational.

Sequence of continuous high-speed images of an eruption of The Great Geysir.



Burst sequence of a rocket being fired.

Burst mode, also called continuous  shooting mode, sports en in Burst mode.mode or continuous high speed mode, is a shooting mode in still cameras. In burst mode, several photographs are captured in quick succession by either pressing the shutter button or holding it down.[1] This is used mainly when the subject is in successive motion, such as sports photography. The photographer can then select the best image of the group or arrange them in a sequence to study the transitions in detail. (these pictures and description are from Wikipedia.

With all the options you have with a modern camera, or even settings on a smartphone camera, you may want to carry a “cheat sheet” with you, so you have a fast reference to the shooting modes that you would use in any situation.  Because they are like the “Cliff Notes” of your camera’s manual, cheat sheets are usually a small laminated card, or cards, that have quick reference to the available shooting modes and tips for your camera.  There are also general tip sheets relating to Depth of field, exposures, etc.

Sweet As Photos - Plastic Double-Sided Photography Quick Reference Cards / Cheat Sheets

Even if you shoot a lot of pictures, these guides will give you a refresher on composition, exposure, shooting modes, etc.  It is a good item to keep in your bag, and review when you take your camera on a trip or review prior to taking some shots on vacation.

PhotoBert Photo CheatSheet for Canon EOS 5DS/5DS R Digital SLR Camera

Tell your subjects to hold the pose, and click the shutter one more time!

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