Big Accomplishment as a Google Guide

Got this today:

Chenkin top Google Photographer
Alan Chenkin recognized for over 5 Million Views on Google!

In my role as a Google Guide, I frequently take pictures and occasional videos of the places and restaurants I visit while traveling or staying local.  While this has been a slow year for traveling or even going out, I have been keen to take photos and inspire everyone who will be traveling post-pandemic.

For the most part, I use my Google Pixel phone camera.  It’s adequate for quick posting of plates and dishes of food, and can be fairly ubiquitous as everyone lives on their phones these days.

While traveling, I used either my pocket shooter, a  Canon SX720  (Great zoom, quality images) or my Bridge Camera, A Nikon B700 (Goes from Close up to insane zoom without changing lenses, and sends images to phone via Bluetooth app).

On occasion I carry my DSLR, a Nikon D5600, But it requires a larger bag for the additional lenses and accessories.  I have to say it has more controls and post-processing options than the Nikon B700  Bridge camera, especially when adding filters for effect, or doing time lapse photography.  When you are traveling or taking quick shots for a restaurant review, the compact nature of the Google phone or the Canon SX720 make it easier to take and post quality pictures.

Even if you are not a Google guide, I hope my pictorial reviews will inspire you to better photography and good choices with cameras for your photographic adventures!

Thanks for reading my blog, and hoping all your shots are good ones!



Getting a new Camera for a trip?

Congrats on the new camera!

    —Or the Decision to get a new Camera!
Collins Need to Know? Digital SLR Photography: Expert Advice on Getting the Best from Your Camera

Plan on taking time to get to know your camera, and the camera settings, so that you have a “feel” for what your camera can do, but let me add more:

SLR Camera Wrist Strap Hand Belt Wrist Band with 1/4 Qucick Release Plate for Canon for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR CameraCase Logic SLRC-202 Medium SLR Camera Bag (Black)Tamrac 5769 Velocity 9x Pro Photo Sling Pack Bag (Brown/Tan)

Get a “nose bag” or “sling bag” and either a sling or a hand strap. this keeps your camera near and ready to shoot. You don’t want to fumble for it, and you can keep a hand on it while walking around – so you can just pull it out of the bag, focus, shoot, and put it back. quick and easy, less fumbling, etc. Less strain than typical neck strap, in my opinion.

5x Genuine SanDisk Ultra 16GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card Up To 40MB/s- 266x SDSDUN-016G-G46 (Newest Version)

Bring extra SD SD cards, and change them daily, so you have a fresh card every day and (if your camera gets lost or stolen), you don’t lose a vacation worth of shots. Upload them to the cloud daily (if you have wifi).
Also get an extra battery or two, you don’t want to run out of power. (and an adapter/charger for european or local power).  You can get Spare Camera Batteries on EBay.
Also put a UV filter on the lens (if you have a screw mount), it will protect it from accidental scratching and any impact.  UV Filters on Amazon.

Take two or three exposures for your shots. It’s not like your “wasting film”, and you can always choose the “best of three”. Also shoot at 6MP or more (preferably more); you want to catch as much detail as possible for your awesome shots.

Keep your lens clean and have your camera ready to go. also consider a small tripod, to steady the camera for zoom shots and occasional filming, to keep the camera steady. Lens Cleaning kits on Amazon.

CamKix Professional Camera Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras (Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony) - Double Sided Lens Cleaning Pen / Alcohol Free Optical Lens Cleaning Fluid / 50 Sheets Cleaning Tissue / Brush / Blower

Don’t be afraid to shoot on automatic, or use the scene settings (like night scene or beach scene). TAKE THE SHOT, check your settings, then take MORE SHOTS. keep a small note pad handy, and record the settings your used, time, and thoughts. also pay attention to light, so if the sun is behind the subject, you can adjust the exposure (or use the flash) to brighten the subject in the foreground. 

Take lots of shots. share them. show them off. This is your story, own it, enjoy it, and let your pictures help you tell it!

Best of luck!

Thanks for reading my Blog! feel free to share!